Debonair Padding & Quilting Solution Ltd is a sister concern of Debonair Group located in Bangladesh, we started our journey in 2015 and commercial production in 2016. We are producing high quality Padding, Quilting, Eco-down, Needle Punch and Home wear and Outdoor products using recycled and sustainable materials of all kinds in a diversified product range. Our factory premise consists of 28,855 square meter area incorporating 15,376 square meter production area, 5,011 square meter warehouse area and 8,471 square meter auxiliary area. We are 100% export-oriented company where more than 1500 industry experts are working in different product lines to achieve the highest quality in manufacturing home wear and outdoor products. All these efforts making it possible for us to achieve annual export turnover of around 50 million US Dollar. We strongly believe in creating a sustainable business environment for our partners. In order to create eco-friendly environment through reduction in carbon emission into the atmosphere, minimal use of water and energy and reduction in waste generation into the atmosphere, we have both Environmental and Compliance Policy to sustain green environment. Subsequently, we have been able to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emission by 12.63% and water consumption by 24%. Our operations run on the principles of responsible purchase and responsible use, enabling us to operate in a win-win situation and to continue doing incremental business.

Professional Integrity: Practicing and appreciating professional integrity is our first and foremost priority

Innovation: We always appreciate and encourage innovative approaches in operational conduct

Teamwork: We firmly believe in and practice intra-departmental and interdepartmental bondage.

Quality & Efficiency: We do never compromise with the quality and appreciate each employee to be efficient at the maximum possible extent.

Leadership: To be a leading company, we encourage our employees to be individually leader at their own zone of work.

Excellence: We foster the excellence of the company; hence, we strive to execute every deal with the standard of excellence.

Customer Satisfaction: Through combined efforts, our key concern is to meeting the requirements of our clients and ensure their satisfaction to the best possible manner

Care for Society: We do not only hanker after our own success and prosperity but also keep our trace in different social works.




We strive to provide quality services on time, based on best practices for the satisfaction of our Partners & Stakeholders. We foster friendly working environment through open communication and mutual respect. We encourage initiative, innovation and teamwork. Workers welfare and rights is our premier focus. We are committed for cleaner and greener environment. We are driven by our responsibility to the society as a Corporate Body.


  • – Integrity
  • – Innovation
  • – Teamwork
  • – Quality & Efficiency
  • – Leadership
  • – Excellence
  • – Customer Satisfaction
  • – Care for Society

Our Capabilities


We are producing padding from 100% polyester staple fiber with and without acrylic resin

Weight Range:1.5 Oz To 16 Oz (40 Gsm To 450 Gs)

Width: Up To 128 Inches

Capacity: 100k Yds/day

Item: Air Hole, Feather Touch, Down Touch, Super Soft Down Look, Silk, Fake Silk, Dg 2ds, Dg 3ds, E-soft, soft & Hard Needle Punch, Felt Etc.

Polyester Padding Roll We can produce Fake Down of different length, denier and customized mixed of these as per buyer requirement. Apart from these, we are also producing different sized ball fiber for more puffiness in jackets as well as homeware items.


Capacity: 15000Kg/day

We have Automated Computerized Quilting Machine to produce all types of designs which is used in Quilted Jackets, Bed Spread, Comforter and Cushions, Mattress etc.


We are producing Quilted Mattress Protector, Quilted Fitted Mattress Protector (al over elastic with cover), Comforter, Quilted Blanket, Quilted Bed Spread, Pillow, Pillow Cover, Cushion, Cushion Cover, Quilted Duvet, Sleeping Bag etc. In addition to these, we are also producing Kitchenware Like Quilted Kitchen & Dinning Ware, Oven Hand Gloves, Tea Cozy, Pot Holder etc.


Capacity: 2.6 Million pcs/month

Board of Directors

Management It all started as a small family business of knit apparel manufacturing in 1996 and since then has evolved into a rapidly growing multi-dimensional conglomerate. Debonair Group considers itself as an end-to-end apparel solution provider, starting from sourcing the cotton and going all the way to providing logistical services to its’ clients. It all started as a small family business of knit apparel manufacturing in 1996 and since then has evolved into a rapidly growing multi-dimensional conglomerate. Debonair Group considers itself as an end-to-end apparel solution provider, starting from sourcing the cotton and going all the way to providing logistical services to its’ clients.

Mr. Mohammad Nurun Nabi is a chairman of Debonair Group and he banked over 40 years of consultation and industry experience from his professional services. Mr. Nabi is a prominent Chartered Accountant of the Country. He is also a partner of ACNABIN, renowned Chartered Accountant firm in Bangladesh. He is Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh and Member of Bangladesh Institute of Project Management. For professional attire and training Mr. Nabi attended many crush programs organized by renowned US universities and professional bodies around the globe. He provides sort-after training and consultation services in various countries such as Bangladesh, India, DPR of Korea, UK, USA and The Netherlands. Chief among many of his multinational and local clients are World Bank, ADB, JAICA, UNDP, Concern, GP, BRAC, IDCOL, Ha Meem, etc.

Professional Background

Mr. Ayub Khan is a fellow Chartered Accountants (FCA), and he has qualified as Chartered Accountant in June 2002. Being a professional genius, he joined with ACNABIN a renowned Chartered Accountant Firm and undertook many financial audits and specialized consultancy assignments thereafter. From May 2007, he has established his own Chartered Accountancy Firm under the name and style “ KHAN Ayub” and has already proved his capability through undertaking various foreign and local financial audit and consultancy assignments.

Business Background

Mr. Ayub Khan is an entrepreneur bearing vast experience in the area of RMG, Agro & Fisheries as well as Press & Publication business. He experienced Press business being his family members involved in this line about 27 years and established “Sweety Art Press” as a giant Press in the country. Due to its quality services, “Sweety Art Press” works for many reputed organizations like UNICEF, Water Aid etc. He established Shikapur Horticulture Ltd., an Agro based project and Hazinagar Shrimp Culture Ltd., a Fish farming project with the cooperation of World Bank Finance project. He is a Director of Krishi Biplop, a seed processing project. He associated and accustomed with garments related business while he is the management and operational consultant of two companies of Textile Processing Industry in DEPZ. He has gathered a vast experience in marketing of Textile and Garments products since 2001. Few years later he purchased Shine Embroidery Ltd., when the company was nearly closing down. With Mr. Khan’s charismatic management policy and strategy, now Shine Embroidery Ltd. becomes a Compliance Factory and is one of the latest factories on Embroidery business in Bangladesh. Mr. Khan was able to build a good relationship with some of the world renowned RMG buyers and formed “Apparel Link (BD) Ltd.”, a Joint Venture Garments Buying House with his Canadian foreign partner. Again, in 2010 Mr. Khan has transformed his indomitable spirit and expertise into reality by overtaking two poor-performing garment factories “Debonair Ltd. and Orbitex knitwear Ltd.” and later turned them into very profitable ventures. His entrepreneurial journey is yet to stop as he has taken various initiatives to set-up backward linkage to Garment business.

Video Profile


  • RSC: RMG Sustainability Council (RSC)
  • Wrap: Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP)
  • Amfori BSCI
  • Sedex
  • Better work
  • OEKO-TEX 100
  • GRS: Global Recycled Standard (GRS)
  • RCS: Recycled Claim Standard (RCS)
  • GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • OCS: Organic Content Standard (OCS)
  • RDS: Responsible Down Standard (RDS)
  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 45001: 2018
  • Sustainable Apparel Coalition-HIGG index
  • LEED