Debonair Padding & Quilting Solution Ltd(DPQSL) is committed to a global Corporate Social Responsibility approach ranging from involvement in sustainable development initiatives to practical action plans related to the operational conduct of the business.

On Site Education
The company has taken a initiative to teach illiterate employees during work hour without pay off who cannot sign their name.

Educational Scholarship for workers’ Children
We believe “Education is the backbone of a nation” the company firmly provides a fixed amount as a scholarship to the brilliant student among our employees’ Children.

Vaccination program for Hepatitis-B. HbsAg & Cervical Cancer
Every year a good number of people suffer from Hepatitis B. To keep the our workers safe from this disease, all workers are covered under vaccination program . This helps workers to have a good & healthy life.

Free Ambulance Service
All staff & workers work at the factory about 8-10 hours in every day. At the time of working, a worker may needs emergency medical service . Realizing this The management has taken initiative to provide voluntary ambulance services for all employees.

Tour program for mid level management
Mid level management are sent to visit wonderful and historical places as under tour program. This program helps to remove monotony of the employees and gives them chance to gather knowledge as well.

Motivational gift & greetings
Motivational Gift” is a gift of honor for hardworking and talented executives, presented by Managing Director for their extraordinary performance. This promotes inter-communal harmony and friendly relationship among the workers and staff of all community.


Debonair Padding & Quilting Solution Ltd(DPQSL) owes its strength to its employees and the synergy of their complementary skills, enabling it to offer the best products and the best services to its customers. DPQSL fosters innovative professional careers, encouraging mobility, skills development, versatility and career advancement. The company implements safe working conditions that promote everyone’s personal development and fulfilment.


With establishments in several regions of France, Debonair Padding & Quilting Solution Ltd(DPQSL) invests in local and regional development. The company is a signatory of the youth membership charter, hosts interns from the “second chance school” (young people who have left the education system), and offers vocational training hours for public contracts. Through sponsorship, it also supports local, regional or national sports and/or charity actions.


Debonair Padding & Quilting Solution Ltd(DPQSL) has introduced a set of rules and procedures that ensure compliance with the relevant standards, and the values and ethical thinking of its directors. A Business Ethics and Conduct Code sets out the principles that apply to the company; the anti-corruption policy is part of an absolute zero tolerance principle; a mutual Conduct Guide governs the principles of supplier relations, all in line with ethical rules, continuous improvement and sustainable development.


HAEFA is a pioneering nonprofit health care delivery organization that serves the unmet health needs of the ready-made garment (RMG) factory workers and rickshaw pullers across Bangladesh. Through education and better health, we intend to break the cycle of poverty, uplifting living conditions for industrial workers and slum dwellers. By making small improvements in nutrition and health education, HAEFA is making sustainable improvements in the lives of garment workers.


Our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate program which fosters active learning, support for the whole child, and a child-centered environment.Our program fosters creativity, embraces teamwork, strives for excellence, respect. We support our families and are committed to service at all levels. We respect and appreciate diversity. Our staff actively listens and seeks to understand, communicates openly and productively, and uses resources creatively and responsibly to provide high-level early childhood education to young children.


We do all our work to facilitate finances in various ways. We are always on the side of danger.We try to be by their side all the time by facilitating them in all aspects.


The ready-made garment (RMG) sector is a key contributor to the economic growth of Bangladesh, and is the country’s main export industry. This sector is also the most important provider of formal employment in the country, in particular low-skilled, entry level jobs for young women and men with or without education. Current estimates indicate that the sector directly employs 4.2 million people – of whom approximately 60% are women (a downward trend in the recent past) – and indirectly supports as many as 40 million Bangladeshis (about 25% of the population).


We ensure Fire Safety for Structural Building and Structural plan Fire safety trained employees Fire drill practice etc.

Quality Performance Award for Best Performer

Quality Performance Award for Best Performer

Gift as a token of appreciation for excellent work presence

Gift as a token of appreciation for excellent work presence

Vaccination program organized by factory

Vaccination program organized by factory

25% Subsidiary in Canteen food for employees

25% Subsidiary in Canteen food for employees